All ARCO clubs are private, therefore affiliation is mandatory in order to take part in our activities.

To be an ARCO member is much more than going to a club. Members are part of a community of people who believe in mutual respect, in freedom and solidarity.

Being an association, ARCO has the possibility to offer activities and additional services while providing free services such as STD and HIV tests as well as awareness raising campaigns, hotline and whatsapp based help line. Last but not least, ARCO supports cultural events and initiatives in each of its clubs and plays an active role in tackling homo-transphobia while fighting for civil rights.

Becoming a member is easy: you can go to any of our clubs with an ID and our staff will guide you through the registration process. Once you read and agree to our core values you will be able to access our clubs!

ARCO values privacy.

ARCO is strongly committed to respecting any life-style choice and supports all those people who – due to a number of reasons – cannot openly declare their sexual orientation and/or gender identity.

You won’t be sent any promotional material or any kind of communication. If you wish, you can download our One Pass app so that you will be constantly updated on club activities and use the same app as a digital card.
Once you become a member you will be able to access our clubs by simply showing a valid ID. You can read our privacy policy here (only italian version).

Here you can find all the types of ARCO cards:

*  Terms and conditions may vary based on each club
** Membership fee may vary based on each club
***Available only for non Italian citizens

ARCO cards guarantee access in all clubs, (except for the OneClub Card) and except for possible local exceptions where clubs offer their own activities. ARCO is committed to taking care of the network, the subscription system, the services and the compliance with the core values. For further information you can directly contact the clubs. Keep in mind that not all the clubs have all kinds of card available, this remain at sole club decision.

You will enjoy equal membership rights regardless of the type of Card that you choose, in compliance with article 4 of our statute.

Would you like to contact a specific club? Clic here and find the nearest to you!