According to Italian law, places where it is possible to openly carry out sexual practices must necessarily be private clubs. ARCO affiliated clubs have turned what once was a limitation into an opportunity, building a network and maximizing the opportunities provided by an association: members have one card that they can use in any ARCO club, each club can propose specific activities and provide free of charge health services for psychophysical well-being of LGBTI people such as HIV and other STD tests, counseling and the free of charge condoms.

No, according to our policy it is necessary to go to one of the ARCO clubs with a valid ID and subscribe upon agreeing with the statute and the terms and conditions. Once provided, you will be part of the association, you will also be able to access all clubs (if you choose the national card) and benefit from our services. The same procedures apply to the renewal process, which can be performed anytime after expiration. 

We remind you that you are not purchasing the card itself – you are paying your membership fee to become a member. Once you become a member you will be allowed to take part in assemblies and in the life of the club where you subscribed. Of course, you will also take part in its activities: being a member also implies assent to our core values and to the terms and conditions of the club which you will find posted in each club.

Membership fees may vary depending on the services each club offers to its members.

ARCO membership cards are valid for 365 days since their issuing date. The same logic applies to renewals. Only the Travel Card is valid for 90 days since its issuing or renewal date

You can find out by directly going to any of our clubs, where you can also renew your card. Another way to know it is via the One Pass app on your mobile. Due to privacy reasons, you cannot know the expiration date via a telephone call or via Whatsapp.

No, you may not. The Travel Card is exclusively dedicated to foreign visitors.

Reach one of our clubs as soon as possible and take a valid ID with you. Our staff will deactivate the old card and will give you a duplicate. The duplicate will keep the data and the expiration date of the old card. 

No. ARCO cards are strictly personal – lending your card to someone or using somebody else’s card may have legal consequences.

Personal data is kept ARCO in compliance with the new European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). ARCO is strongly committed to respecting any life-style choice and supports all those people who – due to a number of reasons – cannot openly declare their sexual orientation and/or gender identity. Neither promotional material nor any kind of communication will be sent to your address. 

If you wish, you can download our One Pass app so that you will be constantly updated on club activities and use the same app as a digital card.

You can send an email to attaching a scanned copy of both your card and a valid ID. This way we will be able to start a new access procedure and we will contact you once it’s done. In case you’d prefer not to send or receive any emails you can give us a call during office hours and follow our instructions in order to activate the vocal procedure.

You can find that out by visiting our website or by downloading our One Pass app which will geolocate the nearest club

You can ask our staff about the next dates of fast tests in the clubs that are listed on this page. The site is being constantly updated. If you can’t find the most convenient city or date we suggest you regularly check the page.

We advise you to contact our central office or to send us a Whatsapp message to our “Parla con ARCO” chat service: we will help you find the nearest specialized association.

Send us an email at the following address: will contact you and arrange an appointment with a qualified member from our association.

Would you like to become an ARCO member? Find out which card is best for you!